Insurance Planning

The following is a hypothetical example of how Fairway Financial interacts with the community.
This is a fictitious creation by the author to demonstrate our services. None of the names or images belong to actual clients, accounts or relationships.

Kevin is the son of a long-term client with FairWay Financial. He and his wife Jo have recently moved to Matthews and just welcomed their first child into the world. Upon his father’s recommendation they decided to pay us a visit. On their minds was a sense of responsibility now they had a baby to care for.

“What happens if something awful happens to one of us?” they asked.

They both worked in well paid jobs, but certainly couldn’t raise a child if one salary was suddenly gone. We discussed options for permanent life insurance, but the monthly financial commitment for those plans was beyond them at this stage. We then looked at some more cost effective solutions and as we are not tied to any one particular insurance provider, we were able to ‘shop the market’ for them and found premiums that fell within a range they could afford.

Life insurance solutions can be flexible and tailored to suit most budgets.