Our Process

While no two clients come to us with the same financial goals, or circumstances, the process we use is consistent and designed to provide the highest level of service.

1. Our financial planning process typically begins with a phone call where we introduce our selves to each other. We have a conversation about the reason for the call and what that you want to accomplish. In turn, we explain what can be expected from our financial planning process.

2. If there is a mutual agreement to move forward, we will host a face-to-face meeting in our Matthews, NC offices. Or, if that is not possible, via a video call. You can share with us more about your financial world and the aspects of life that are most important to you.

3. We provide you access to a highly secure online platform where we gather all the financial data, statements and documents required to construct a well-designed financial plan.

4. Looking through the lens of your matters of importance, and with all the relevant data at hand, we work on building out strategies and options that could be utilized to help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

5. We then meet to discuss the pros and cons of our ideas and share all the information you need to implement a financial plan based upon well-informed decision making.

6. We agree upon our ‘to do’ lists and set benchmarks to measure our progress and accountability. During our periodic reviews we review accomplishments, changes in your life and make alterations to your plan if necessary.

Our Standard

At FairWay Financial we have intentionally disassociated ourselves from the Wall Street stock brokers and investment firms associated with the banking world. We prefer to retain the transparency that can only be provided by a truly independent enterprise.

At its core, it is our character and authenticity that we are asking our clients to trust. We believe in the Golden Rule – ‘treat others in the manner we would wish others to treat us.’ That mantra can be compromised when shareholders, directors and management are looking at their financial planners for better ‘production’ numbers.

Who is FairWay Financial accountable to?

We are only accountable to the ambitions of the relationships we serve – always!